Donating Money to Charity


Natural Welfare Society

ACC NO- 19427620000109

Branch: Hospital Road, Arrah

Ifsc code: HDFC0001942 

Our students corne to school without shoes, underwear, or clothes, and without funds for books, pencils, and paper. Unlike other programs, we provide  everything a girl needs to be stay in school, be successful, and healthy. With your help we can educate the next generation of women leaders in India. Please contribute and community support

We live will  privileged world, yet there are millions of people all over the globe who are impoverished, starving and living in terrible conditions, While organizations such as Second Harvest Food Bank and Poor People work feverishly to assist the millions of hungry people in the world, these operations rely on not only the donation of goods from companies and individuals, but on financial support from the government and either donors,

Food : we provide the children with simple arid balanceei diet. This helps in their physical as well as mental growth.

Nutrition : As regards to nutrition we do have a specific programmed whereby the children are given milk, fruits, butter, ghee and other nutritional supplements. Clothes : ‘!’his includes clothes, night dress, garments, shoes, chappals. bathroom slippers, bed sheets, mattresses, pillows, blankets etc. Education : This covers school uniform, books, school shoes and other incidental schooling expenses. this does not cover school fees. Medical : ‘!’he children fall ill and we have to take them to the doctor and give them medicines.

Maintenance  : Electricity, water and cleanliness are the basic requirements of human beings .