The organization will work intensively in the field of education for people .It will lay emphasis on the conduction of alternative education .


The organization will give training to the educated unemployed youths about type, shorthand, computer hardware computer software , Electronics , Radio .TV. etc. It will work to make the women self-dependent.


The organization will provide the farmers with developed seeds manures means of irrigation, water conservation implements, tube-well, ponds etc. for the development of agriculture and horticulture.

Women & child Health

The organization will work for health, women welfare and women empowerment of the down trodden classes and also for their progress, It proposes to conduct programs for the welfare of child workers working women and other workers.

Welcome to Natural Welfare Society


Natural Welfare work intensively in the field of education & traning for the people, health of people. NWS work for basic wealth facilities in the remote areas . It also conduct maternity centre, orphanage, rest house, hostel for working women, centre of old people, Widow house etc.

Nws Work in these Field

  • Education
  • Training
  • Woman & Child Health
  • Agricuture

The Organisition lays stress on all round development of both natural and social enviroment. More