Natural and Social environment
The organition lays stress .;J.Rd all around devlopment of both natural and social
Non Traditional energy resoures
To exhibiks and develop  concerning the uses of non traditional energy resourses like Dung Gas energySolor Energy and Wind energy etc
Cultural Activities The organization will provide training facilities for the development of several cultural actives like dance, music , drama, and fine Arts etc

Who we are......

Natural welfare Soeiety that provides stainability, social equality, and the business problems. corporate leaders cant depend on governments to solve them.Sheakar Society for Organisational Singh’s principles find a11 echo in the ideologies behind Natural Welfare Society by a group of corporate  professionals who, decided to finance, handhold and support genuine grassroots’ initiatives targeted at providing education
and health to underprivileged children. ln the process, becoming the first ever grantmaker and changing the face of
thousands of lives. As a catalyst to bring changes in the lives of millions of children, youth and women, who are not privileged, by· addressing